The centerpiece of our children’s ministry is Sunday morning Kids Church during the  worship time in the auditorium. Children are dismissed prior to the pastor’s message. Lessons are drawn from the 252 Basics and Orange curriculum and emphasizebiblical character and growth.


Kids Church

 Kid’s Church is for children ages 3-12 years old during our Sunday Morning Worship Service. During Informal Moments the children are dismissed to the Kid’s Church rooms in the basement. Our volunteers help lead the two separate Kid’s Church groups for either 3-5 year olds or 6-12 year olds. 

Upcoming Volunteers

kidschurch 3-5 Years Old

Week 1-Regina Ulmer
Week 2-Lisa O’Connor
Week 3-Jennie Phipps
Week 4-Lisa O’Connor

6-12 Years Old

March 31 – Dawson Morris
April 7 – Jacob King
April 14 – Colin Phipps
April 21 – NO C.C. – EASTER  10am
April 28 – Courtney Benedict


The nursery ministry is staffed by volunteers who work in the nursery room in the basement during our worship service. The nursery volunteers help entertain the small children who are too young for Kid’s Church as well as help take care of the infants. nursery1


Upcoming Volunteers

March 31 – Anne Raphael
April 7-Teresa Jennings
April 14 – LoAn & Ethan Rash
April 21 – Anne Raphael – EASTER 10am
April 28 – Debbie Hummel

If you are interested in volunteering with the nursery ministry or Kid’s Church, please  contact Pat through the secretary’s office.