Our Story…His Story…Your Story

Old Union Church has a long history that goes back to the mid-19th century when a group of adventurers from North Carolina settled their families in the hills of Western Missouri.  They brought their faith with them and built a meeting house in which to assemble and worship.  And so the story of Old Union Church began.  There are many stories connected with this place of worship and the people who have passed through its doors over the years.  The stories are meaningful and worth remembering and retelling.  But as important as these are, it is not the heart and soul of what we are as a church.  We are rooted in His story and not our own.   

Our existence and purpose as a church is dependent on the story God is writing in time and for eternity.  His purpose is not that we should exist and function for ourselves individually or corporately, but that we might become carriers and facilitators of His great story, the only one that matters.  And He has graciously invited us to be a part of it through faith in and relationship with  Jesus. 

So the story of our church is a story of people whose hearts have been touched and changed by knowing Christ personally.  It is a story of lives that have found a spiritual home in which to share loving fellowship and meaningful worship.  And, above all, it is a story of followers of Jesus with a united purpose and mission to effectively share and practically serve so that others may have hope of an eternal home by embracing the grace that Jesus offers.

This is the story of our church.  This is the story of each of us who call Old Union our spiritual home.  We are seeking to be a church and a people linked to God’s story.  We invite you to join the story–His story.